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Join the EQ GYM Meditation and Master Class at FP’s Head Quarter

YES YES YES, The EQ GYM Meditation and Master Class are now available from January 6 at Food Pharmacy’s Head Quarter in Stockholm. Join us to expand your consciousness! All courses are lead in Swedish by April Wickstrom – emotional intelligence thought leader and Executive Coach.

Choose between the following classes:

EQ Meditation

Start your day with a guided meditation Monday – Friday. The EQ Meditation uses a couple of different teqhniques to go beyond your mind and visit your subconcious. Through meditation you will gain self support, self esteem, self awereness and self love. This class suits all levels – from rookies to Dalai Lamas.

Riddargatan 20, Stockholm
Drop in Daily – 180 sek/class (register the day before at 17 PM)
Monday-Friday 7.15 – 8.00 

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EQ Master Class

The EQ GYM Group Therapy is much like a family in some ways. Being part of a group of people who have the same experiences helps people see that what they are going through is universal and that they are not alone. Sharing feelings and experiences with a group of people can help relieve pain, guilt, or stress and boost self awareness, self trust, self worth, self power, self acceptance, self esteem, self love and self confidence muscles.

The EQ GYM employs a variety of techniques to help participants explore the sources of their emotional intelligence. The experience can help you realise that you are responsible for your own life, actions and choices, and move you into a new arena of personal creativity and self-expression.

The setting is safe and supportive, allowing group members to experiment without the fear of failure. By interacting with other people and receiving feedback from the  the coach, members of the group can gain a greater understanding of themselves.

Share your self awareness and recognize yourself in others.
See example here.

Riddargatan 20, Stockholm
2 hour class weekly – 4500 sek/month
Tuesdays 17.30-19.30 or Sundays 10-12

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