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Moving Liquid, Yes, You Are Just Water

“Sometimes I’m wet, with salty water. It is almost like a detox. I know there are experts out there who say I have detoxing powers. All people don’t seem to understand this though. They suppress me. Sometimes they feel me, and they do everything to stop my presence. If they only knew how healthy I am when I can be seen.

I connect people, well, I know this might seem weird, but I connect people when I’m all wet. When people suppress me, I seem to have the opposite power; I disconnect people. I’m not dangerous; people know that about me. Some people feel love for me when they see me, some people call it empathy, but it’s not always that when they feel me. Then, rather the opposite, they disgust me. My name is Sadness, and when I do good work, I do tears. And when people suppress me, I get depressed. People ignore me sometimes for years, if so, later on Tsunamis of water can be experienced when least expected. I would love to come out more; it can be liberating for both of us. My freedom is through your eyes. Your precious eyes. Your precious sad eyes.”

– Sadness

“Moving liquid, yes, you are just water
You flow around all that comes in your way 
Don’t think it over, it always takes you over 
And sets your spirit dancing”

– Kate Bush

This is a guest post. The opinions expressed are the writer’s own.



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