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We Are Shame and Guilt – We Come Together

“You needed me back then, yes, you needed me to cover up all the mess you created. You are not always that bright, you know that about yourself. Sometimes it is best if you don’t say so much. It can ruin everything I have built up for us.

It’s best for you to stay small, not to be noticed that much is your best bet. We both know that I have saved you many times. Saved you from being laughed at, humiliated, and punished, and so on. YES, you have bow me your power. I have been a great companion to you.

We are Shame and Guilt. We come together. We are two, and you my dear, are only one. We will always win. I mean, I guess you still get to decide, you don’t have to be with us. But we kind of created you; I mean, thanks to us, you have become something. I mean, how would you even look like if we did not exist in your life. You would probably be living in the countryside, in a sauna, relaxing, reading a meaningless book. Without any style. I could only imagine how your house furnishings would look like. If we didn’t help out with that. Thanks to us, you look good and have a job. A real job. And also when we are at it, stop complaining that you feel tired. Because we need a little bit more from you right now, I mean, if you want those dreams of yours to come true, we are in charge, we will be your best bet.

— Shame with Guilt.

Won’t somebody tell me what we’re coming to
It might take forever till we watch those dreams come true 
All the money in the world won’t buy you peace of mind 
You can have it all, but you still won’t be satisfied”

– Annie Lennox

This is a guest post. The opinions expressed are the writer’s own.



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