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What’s Causing Anxiety – Other People!

Have you ever suddenly felt worried but you don’t seem to have anything to worry about?

Imagine you arrive at the airport, people are running late, they’re stressed and there is a collective anxiety bouncing around in the air. Maybe there are different reasons that people get anxious at the airport – delays, security, afraid of flying. However, you are on time and have everything under control as you hit the security gate. Suddenly you start to feel worried that you forgot something at home or that you’ve misread your flight time. Although you were confident that everything was well planned, this is you being infected with the airport anxiety influenza. No one has ever really taught us that we are affected by the energies and feelings of each other. Others’ feelings are not ours, but we take them on as if they were our own.

When we interact with people in a certain way, we absorb parts of them – we feel the same way as other people and do as they do. And because we are surrounded by people all the time – go to school or work for 8 hours per day, interact with people in the supermarket or pub – we are prone to catching their energies, the same way we catch other people’s flu.

People’s energy can cause anxiety for others. If it was only you living on this planet, there wouldn’t be any people infecting you and you would always be right. Right? No one would judge you and you will be enough. You’d have no NEED to be better, popular, powerful or beautiful. Botox, lip fillers and sculpting would not even be on the map and comparing yourself to others would completely be out of the question.

Some people actually crave isolation due to the anxiety other people can cause them. The ones who experience burnout know this as a fact.

Although it can feel like a need to isolate yourself from others, this is a false need that won’t make you feel fulfilled or happy in the long run. It’s a reaction to discomfort you feel from other’s negativity. Since and because one of our common ground need is solitary, we also need to be with other people to feel good, connected, loved.

So, what you really need is to be with the right crowd! Or to be free from your ability to absorb other people’s heavy or depressive energies! Or free from your own thoughts that constantly compare yourself with others.

The real question is how can you be conscious about your own energy and when you have absorbed someone else’s. Children, dogs and horses are good examples that are impacted by other’s energies. If you are excited your dog might start to play with you or bark. If you are worried your infant might start to cry. If you are scared your horse might start acting very jumpy and nervous. Each of these creatures pick up on people’s energy.

How do we shift energies?
What is your easiest way to keep calm?
Nice loving thoughts? Acceptance?
– Yes yes! you are on it!

Meditation is a way for us to release other people’s emotion and ground ourselves in our own energy. Read more about the benefits of meditation here and here.


This is a 1 minute quick fix practice for how to releasing other people’s anxiety and getting back to your own energy. By imagining you are sending back the energy that is not yours to the people where it belongs to or even to the universe. And then you can take yours back in a clean filtered way.

If you are in a need of a deeper cleansing and optimizing your energy system, You can try do an energy center cleanse by yourself. Or try The EQ GYM’s group meditation daily in Stockholm. Read more about it here.

Yogis and kundalini describe seven energy centers (Chakras) in body where energy can become blocked. They would say that intense stress, emotional instability, and physical illness are trapped emotions that can be stored in these energy centers. You’ve probably heard of them before – from the base of the spine to top of the head, the seven Chakras are: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.

To provide support to your energy centers, you can focus for on each spot for 3 minutes or longer as you give yourself loving affirmation. The things you think you need to hear add the uplifting feeling behind the words and energy will transform from heavy to uplifting.

This will expand your Emotional Intelegence – EQ, Self Care and Self Love muscle.


This is a guest post. The opinions expressed are the writer’s own.



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