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Healing Through Painful Situations

Painful situations come up – not to ruin our lives – they come up to help heal.

“I’m going to start a meditation and self hate stops me and beats me up for stopping. I’m going to start exercising and self hate stops me and beats me up for stopping”

See if you can look at self hate as a voice in your head that belongs to a very tiny, mini version of you. This mini person originally wants you to be loved, healed and taken care of (so don’t hate her or him).

 It’s just he/she got it all twisted. YES WE KNOW it sometimes can feel so damn legit what she or he is saying. Try to keep in mind – You will not gain love by listening to her/him. Try to accept the voice but don’t listen to it, that will be the first aid kit here.

 If we find the willingness to struggle through the self hate voice in our head in our meditation, we will enter the next level, which is fear. 

Fear of what you might ask?

Silence – being – without your ego and dopamine. Read more about dopamine here. When we enter this spot of fear, we tend to go back to self hate. Because it is more “comfortable” and “known” for us to feel self hate than fear of emptiness. 

Try this exercise

Practice sitting in a state of just exploring your mind. 
The “goal” is to come to your being, true nature, a place of compassion and love. 

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You can also read more about meditation here .

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