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What If Every Experience Is Good For Us?

There’s A Saying That Life’s Rejection Is God’s Protection

What if every experience is good for us? … and leads to development of some sort? Even if we can’t recognize it at the time. Just knowing that everything is exactly as it needs to be might help you find comfort. 

YES – We’ve all felt that sting of rejection! Yet the place where each of us hold that hurt is different. Buried and perhaps denied? And by masking our pain to save face, we actually lose our true face. Perhaps we don’t do this consciously – rather it all happens unconsciously. 

See if you can feel your rejection? 
Where is it located in your body?
Read more where feelings arise from here.

See if you can resist the temptation to withdraw and nurse your wounds behind the scenes. Sit with what is and give the pain your unconditional love (presence), and allow life’s inevitable rejections to lead you to self acceptance. The real, living world will nurse you if you let it. If you train to be vulnerable.

Sometimes we need help and asking for help is your first step of showing vulnerability. Read more here about why being vulnerable with others is key. And if you want a personal coach, contact me at april.wickstrom@theeqgym.com.


Consider those who you have felt rejected by. What gifts did those rejections, unknowingly, bring to your life? Think of your last memorable rejection. Write a short script about it. Try to disengage your ego from its seeming frustration. Now, pretend you are the playwright of this scene, drawing from your life experience, look beyond the immediate rejection. How did this scene help the character (you) develop? Use this new narrative as your new association with that rejection. Rewrite the story you are telling yourself.

This is a guest post. Any opinions expressed are the writer’s own.



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