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A real life hack!

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Did you know that enlightened consciousness cannot be understood by our ego or mind? That might explain why spirituality is to abstract and out there for many of us.

Student of spirituality;

From the moment of being born the whole world beginning with our parents, want us to smile and make sure we know bad feelings are BAD and YOUR bad if you have them, I’ve learned to welcome pain. The whole worlds pain, welcome and be allowed.

Student of spirituality;

To know my pain only needs to be welcomed and held IS the relief and love I am looking for. To want to be rid of pain IS the mistake that caused it in the first place.

Student of spirituality;

Suffering is such a great master, but it’s a master we very rarely welcome into our experience. We often think that “being in the flow” is about just being happy and comfortable, with no challenges whatsoever… but the great master of suffering will keep repeating its lesson until we understand that flowing with life is about fully embracing the apparent chaos of pain, only this can allow us to transcend it.

Student of spirituality;

I have experienced first-hand the possibility to change a deep emotional suffering into joy in just a few breaths, as well as physical pain into pleasure… it’s a strange experience when that happens, it makes you really question the nature of things. What is pain, what is pleasure, where is the threshold between joy and suffering?

Student of spirituality;

We are such creative and powerful beings… and precious is the moment when we accept the fact that we can learn to change our perspective and the way our brain process the sensory information.

A real life hack?

Want to become a Student of spirituality? And learn how to feel good even when you have painful emotions?  Do you want to try the EQ GYM’s Transcendental Active Meditation, a meditation technique where you observe yourself bypassing the ego and learn how to come in contact with your inner intelligence sources.

Check it out here https://theeqgym.com/collections/transcendent-active-meditation

Lots of love, April



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