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Miguel Damas

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How I Became X Obese – Part 1

Let me start by saying what I didn’t do to become x obese:

  • I didn’t count calories once
  • I didn’t starve once
  • I didn’t exercise once

I didn’t follow the conventional rules and recommendations for obesity. And yet I was able to lose more than 45kg and cross that barrier that is the BMI over 30.

So, how did I do it? How was I able to lose that much weight without following the conventional rules?

What is wrong with how obesity is approached

The fundamental problem with obesity is that it is based on the premise that you are obese because you eat more calories than the ones you lose. What is implied is that obese people are obese because they are lazy, as don’t burn calories, and they are gluttonous, as they can’t control themselves to eat less. 

In other words, they are obese because they don’t want to be other way. This is well imprinted in the core of how obesity is approached. And how wrong, misleading and unfair it is!

Never have I woke up one morning, looked into the mirror and said to myself “what a great day to gain weight!”. Nor have I found an obese who did the same. Deep down, there is a desire to change, a will that is crushed by the options presented to us: “the way is to eat less and burn more calories”.

Even when we give it a try, the results don’t appear. After the initial reduction of a few kilos, the progression halts. They tell us “you need to workout more to burn those calories! You need to control yourself to eat less!” which doesn’t seem right.

And it isn’t. The calorie deficit approach is flawed and is ineffective to most people. Obesity is not a calorie surplus condition and, therefore, it will not be reverted by a calorie deficit. Do you know that there is no sound evidence supporting the “eat every 3 hour” strategy? And it can actually prevent you from losing weight?

This was part 1 of Dr Damas review – part 2 will be posted here next Tuesday.

This is a guest post. Any opinions expressed are the writer’s own.



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