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A golden bowl of comfort


Okay so winter season is coming up and if you are anything like me, those comfort food cravings are about to become REAL. This recipe takes literally no time but still manages to give me that extra feeling of warmth and coziness that I want when waking up on a cold November morning.

Having said that, the combination of coconut milk and the turmeric spice mix does not only give your oatmeal the creamiest consistency – it also provides you with lots of antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory health benefits. This is much thanks to the black pepper that is part of the spice mix, as consuming black pepper and turmeric together will allow the body to absorb the disease fighting benefits of turmeric (curcurmin) much better!


A golden bowl of comfort

  • Av : Louise Appelgren c/o Food Pharmacy



1 dl of gluten free oats (I prefer them steel cut, but whatever oats work just fine)

1 dl of full fat coconut milk

1 dl of water

1 tablespoon of pumpkin seeds

1 teaspoon of spice mix* (see ingredients below)

A pinch of sea salt

Spice Mix

1 dl of ground turmeric

2 teaspoons of ginger

2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon

2 teaspoons of vanilla powder

2 teaspoons of ground cardamom

0,25 teaspoon of black pepper



  1. Add all ingredients in a pot
  2. Boil on low heat while stirring around
  3. Top with berries, banana, almond butter, fresh mint, hemp seeds, honey coated nuts and banana! …or simply anything you have at home.

Spice Mix

  1. Add all ingredients in a bowl
  2. Mix with a spoon until all spices are well combined
  3. Keep it in a container to have it ready whenever you feel like adding some extra spice to your morningoatmeal, or why not a hot drink à la golden mylk?



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