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Chocolatey teff oatmeal

Not too long ago, I tried porridge made on TEFF FLAKES for the first time, and wow have I been hooked since then! Not only am I obsessed with the deep and somewhat nutty flavor – I am also so amazed by the nutritional value which the world’s smallest groat, known as ‘teff’, brings.

Compared to most other grains, teff is rich in essential fatty acids and has a complete amino acid profile, let alone its high content of vitamins and minerals! And as if that wasn’t enough, these super groats also combine a high prebiotic fiber content which stimulates the growth of good gut bacteria, with a low GI value that keeps your blood sugar stable. Yeah, I guess you get the point… As a true superfood to add to your diet, I highly encourage you to try my favorite chocolate flavored teff porridge, which I’m prettttty sure both you and your body will thank me for! 😉


Chocolatey teff oatmeal

  • Av : Louise Appelgren c/o Food Pharmacy
  • Portioner : 2 1x


1 dl of gluten free oats

1 dl of teff flakes

1 banana

1 date

2 dl of full fat coconut milk

2 dl of water

1/2 dl of sunflower seeds

1 tablespoon of cacao

1 pinch of sea salt

1 egg (optional for extra creaminess and protein)


1. Peel the banana.

2. Pit the date.

3. Mash the banana and the date together.

4. Add all ingredients to a saucepan.

5. Boil on low to medium heat while stirring around, until you reach desired oatmeal consistency.

6. To serve, pour the oatmeal into two bowls and top with anything you fancy. I went for berries, coconut flakes, bee pollen, mulberries, cacao nibs and peanut butter!



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