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A Letter From Food Pharmacy

Hello friends! Today we thought we would send out some love to everyone who supports us but has been asking us why we publish sponsored material and why we charge for our member site.

Food Pharmacy’s vision is to help improve public health. Part of our strategy is to inform the public and raise people’s awareness about the current state of public health, or rather the rise of chronic and preventable diseases in western societies due to poor eating habits. Generating awareness of the issue is, unfortunately, not enough for many to change unhealthy eating habits. This is why we developed our member site – for everyone who wants and needs extra support and assistance in their everyday lives, to help them gain insight on how they can obtain more nutrition on a regular basis, and ultimately to teach them new habits.

Our channels (podcast, site and instagram) are still free for our followers but the new member site, which includes extra tools, has a monthly fee. Like many other entrepreneurs, we worked for the first three years to build the foundation of Food Pharmacy and spread this vital knowledge without any compensation for our work. Today we have a team of people advancing Food Pharmacy’s vision and that team is growing. Of course, it would be great if we could offer all our services free of charge, but we (like most people) have to pay the rent and buy food too. But more so than that, Food Pharmacy’s vision is big and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what we have set out for, so collaborating with brands and companies that align with ours is not only necessary, it will help us to serve a greater good.

Hope this gave you a slightly more nuanced picture of why you may have noticed some changes among our channels. We always take the time to make very conscious alignments and wholeheartedly strive to bring you insightful and worthwhile content. For those of you who have already tried our Nutrient Hunter Compass we hope you are enjoying it and for those of you who have yet to try, we hope to see screenshots from your weekly feedback soon!



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