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We’re Upgrading!

Today, Food Pharmacy is upgrading to a brand new platform, giving you access to a lot more than just our blog – an entire Food Pharmacy lifestyle site!

We’ve expanded the blog you love into a new website and we’ve added the functions you’ve been asking for. We’ve also expanded our expert panel (and we’ll keep adding!) so we can deliver a whole lot more content. Not to mention that the new website looks pretty snazzy too! 

In the works, is a membership program where you and other nutrient hunter’s alike will have access to special tools, deals and functions to support your goals and lifestyle. We’ll keep you posted in the near future when the membership program is ready to launch! Here’s a sneak peek at what the membership program will include:

  • A Digital Nutrient Hunter Compass

As a member you will have access to a digital Nutrient Hunter Compass, a great tool to simplify your life and stay on track with your nutrition goals. Not only does the compass help you keep track of your daily nutrient and fiber intake, it also gives you the opportunity to set your own goals, gives daily pep, individual feedback and easy-to-understand statistics about your personal nutrition. In short, the compass guides you as to what you are getting nutritionally and what you could try to get more of. 

  • Weekly Menus

Every week we compose a dinner menu exclusively for our members. The weekly menu is always filled with nutritionally packed recipes. Our goal is to help you get enough nutrition and fiber everyday without having to think about it. We think, you chew.

  • Recipes and Menu Save Function

In addition to our ready-made menus, you as a member get the opportunity to save your favorite recipes and create your own menus for the week, Friday night or perhaps a birthday party. Yet another tool to help you personalize your nutrition needs and goals.

  • Chat with Nutrient Hunters

As a member you get access to our new forum where you can discuss everything about health and the environment with other nutrient hunters. There you will be able to exchange tips and experiences. After what we’ve seen from the last five years with the blog  we know how knowledgeable you are and we dare to promise that this will be an exciting and educational forum. Together we are stronger!



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