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Super-tasty gingerbread cookies without gluten, dairy products or added sugar. Because sometimes, the simplest is the absolute best.

After a couple of years as bloggers, we’ve discovered that there are quite a few perks that come with the job:

1) First of all, we have an excuse to cook and eat food whenever we want. Not bad at all.

2) We can go naked to work (on the days we don’t have photographers around).

3) We’re coming across new recipes all the time, some of which get to be keepers that we make again and again and again. Like these gingerbread cookies, for example. Extremely simple + yummy + you can make them in ten minutes, including rolling.

They may look a little bit like meatballs before rolling them in coconut, but what does it matter, when they are so tasty? Imagine goji berries, almonds, cashew nuts, dates and coconut oil, all mixed together. And then the gingerbread spices like icing on the cake. Perfect for baking with the kids!

(just over 15)

1 cup almond or cashew nuts
1/4 cup goji berries
1/2 tablespoon coconut oil
About 10 fresh dates
1-2 teaspoons gingerbread spices

Soak the goji berries quickly for about 10 minutes, rinse the water off and mix everything except the dates in a blender. Add the dates and mix again. Shape into small balls and roll in coconut. Done!

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